A Local Technology Cooperative

Digital Boardwalk & CPC Office Technologies enter into a vested partnership

Pensacola, FL (January 22, 2016) – Copy Products Company, (recently rebranded to CPC Office Technologies) the local leader of office and print technologies since 1972, together with Digital Boardwalk, the local leader and award-winning provider of managed I.T. services since 2008, today announced that they have created a “Technology Cooperative” through a vested partnership. With this Technology Cooperative, CPC Office Technologies and Digital Boardwalk will deliver the region’s most comprehensive business technology and services offering backed by their award-winning customer service and local presence. Although both CPC Office Technologies and Digital Boardwalk will retain their individual ownership, the vested partnership creates a unified solution that eliminates the traditional barriers of technology companies’ overlapping product offerings.
The establishment of this Technology Cooperative marks the beginning of an effort to assemble the region’s leading technology providers into a collaborative partnership with the mission of developing a standard for industry excellence while creating an extraordinary customer experience by enabling cooperation versus competition, and driving local economic growth.

“Creating a cooperative with CPC Office Technologies was a natural next step for us,” said Digital Boardwalk CEO Tim Shoop. “CPC’s outstanding reputation and commitment to excellence was in perfect alignment with Digital Boardwalk’s focus on award-winning customer service. Through this new Technology Cooperative, we will be able to expand each other’s solution portfolio, reach customers in new markets, and deliver a holistic service offering with a first-class customer experience.”

Office technologies and managed I.T. services naturally go hand in hand in the digital marketplace of today. This relationship, however, creates an issue that so many businesses are faced with solving: how do you get the two to work together? “We wanted to collaborate with Digital Boardwalk to create a platform that would enable other like-minded technology providers to join our commitment to delivering outstanding services to our local communities,” said CPC Office Technologies’ Chief Operations Officer Shayn Theriault. “This Technology Cooperative is the start of something wonderful that will benefit each of our companies, our communities, and most importantly our valued customers.”

About CPC Office Technologies

CPC Office Technologies, previously known as Copy Products Company, is the leading provider of digital office technologies, workflow software solutions, managed print services, document imaging and management, interactive digital display technologies, and mailing systems in the Florida and Alabama Gulf Coast regions since 1972. Headquartered in Pensacola, FL, CPC Office Technologies currently has seven office locations throughout the Florida panhandle, southern Alabama, and central Alabama regions proudly offering more than 5,000 businesses “Service That Can’t Be Copied.”

About Digital Boardwalk

Digital Boardwalk, headquartered in Pensacola, FL, is the leading provider of managed I.T. support services, cloud computing, network security, and backup and disaster recovery services throughout the United States since 2008. Digital Boardwalk currently supports thousands of users throughout Florida, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington from three office locations in Florida and Arizona.