Donor Spotlight: Tim Shoop

Article by Felicia Rabb

To say that Tim Shoop, CEO of Digital Boardwalk, is engaged with Studer Community Institute would be a grand understatement. Tim has been a part of our SCI tribe since the beginning, as a donor, a volunteer and a speaker all four years at EntreCon. He generously helps our mission of improving the quality of life in Pensacola.

When Tim launched his first company in the late ’90s, he shared that it was difficult, and there was no one to turn to when he had questions or needed help. As a young entrepreneur, Tim said he was more passionate about technology than the business aspect of running a company.He provided some insight about what running a business was like in Pensacola before Studer Community Institute.

“I would have been heavily engaged, if the Institute had existed at that time,” he said. The workshops and EntreCon, its ideal for any level of business. From start-up to well-conditioned, as a business owner and a leader, you should always be learning. Studer Community Institute’s mission of organizing training for the business owners, start-ups and C-level executives of our community aligned so well with Digital Boardwalk’s entrepreneurial company culture. I was flattered to be a part of it for the past four years.” Digital Boardwalk is an organization that doesn’t just preach their company culture — they live it. When you enter their information technology room, you’re surrounded by one of Tim’s favorite company traditions: their annual team poster. Each year, a great unveiling happens at their Christmas party, with their team’s faces being featured in a variety of infamous characters.

And if you are lucky enough to land a job with Digital Boardwalk, you’ll be asked to give yourself a nickname. If you don’t, one will be assigned. I’ve heard that you will absolutely want to choose your own. In the short time I was there, I was able to experience the comradery and collaboration that Tim intentionally built into his company culture. (Which is a pointer he says he took directly from the book of Quint Studer.)

[img src=”/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Tim-Shoop-img.png” class=”aligncenter”]

At Studer Community Institute. we are grateful for every single one of our donors. We know that without them, we couldn’t make our community a better place to live.