Local Managed IT Service Provider, Digital Boardwalk acquires local MSP, Client Technology Solutions LLC.

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Pensacola, Fl: September 20th, 2019 – James DiPilla, former CEO of Client Technology Solutions LLC., owned and operated his IT business for several years before meeting with Digital Boardwalk CEO, Tim Shoop. Mr. DiPilla and Mr. Shoop hit it off before James pitched the idea of joining the Digital Boardwalk team. As of August 13th, 2019, Digital Boardwalk purchased his company so they could together embark on a mission to provide comprehensive technology solutions for businesses across the country. James has been involved in the IT industry for over 9 years making him and his team a vital asset to Digital Boardwalk, offering new ideas and knowledge, adding to Digital Boardwalk’s team of already extraordinarily skilled staff.

When asked why he decided to join the Digital Boardwalk team, James DiPilla stated, “Digital Boardwalk provides the very best in business support technology. I couldn’t resist joining a close-knit team of talented individuals and the opportunity to work on some very exciting projects. Digital Boardwalk operates in a world where innovative technology, well-built cyber security solutions, and connectivity are critical for success. As Digital Boardwalk continues to innovate and excel in customer service, I believe they’ll see a ton of growth. I am truly excited to be involved.”

“Our acquisition of Client Technology Solutions is the first of more to come,” says Tim Shoop, CEO of Digital Boardwalk. “We are always on a mission to consistently build upon a highly proficient talent base and ever-changing technology stack to maintain consistent evolution and provide even better support to our customers. Adding James and his team of skilled professionals was an easy decision for me. We share the same vision for phenomenal customer service and the future of Managed IT Services, so we hit it off from the start!”

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About Digital Boardwalk:

Digital Boardwalk provides comprehensive technology management and consulting services for small and medium-sized businesses across the country. They help customers achieve reliability, security, and peace of mind through award-winning support, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and backup services. They know that technology is integral to businesses, so they work diligently to keep technology working for their clients.

Their team of certified technology specialists bring individual expertise and knowledge to each job at hand. They promise to provide you with the best customer service experience, industry- leading technology, and continuous innovation, all catered to your specific needs.

For more information on Digital Boardwalk’s mission, visit: https://www.digitalboardwalk.com/


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