White House Releases Urgent Memo on Cybersecurity — Digital Boardwalk Can Help

Pensacola, FL, June 7, 2021 — Digital Boardwalk, Inc. is an award-winning managed I.T. and cybersecurity solutions provider that offers sophisticated defense measures to protect clients’ data from malicious attacks. Due to the growing danger of ransomware attacks that have affected businesses in various industries across the country, the White House recently released a memo urging business leaders to take immediate steps to prepare for cyberattacks and strengthen their network security.

The White House warns that no organization—no matter the size, location, or industry—is safe from being targeted by ransomware. Cybercriminals are shifting from stealing data to disrupting a business’s core operations. The White House recommends that business leaders immediately review corporate security posture and ensure they are following best practices for safeguarding against ransomware attacks.

Digital Boardwalk has a deep understanding of the White House’s recommendations for cybersecurity as well as over a decade of experience helping businesses increase their security posture. Partners of Digital Boardwalk rest assured knowing that their cybersecurity solutions satisfy every single one of the White House’s standards and best practices, and that their data and technology is being protected 24/7/365.

In order to help businesses better prepare and protect themselves against potential cyberattacks, Digital Boardwalk is offering businesses a free, no-obligation evaluation of their security posture with Virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO), James Todd. They are also offering a discount on cybersecurity solutions to members of the Chamber of Commerce who choose to move forward with Digital Boardwalk’s cybersecurity strategy.

“We know it can be tough looking for the right cybersecurity partner for your business,” said Tim Shoop, CEO of Digital Boardwalk, “which is why we want to make it easy for our fellow Chamber members and community business leaders to get the protection they need from potential threats. At the very least, we want to help steer you in the right direction so you understand your vulnerabilities.”

Digital Boardwalk encourages business leaders to schedule a no-obligation meeting with vCIO James Todd to discuss their business’s security posture and how it can be improved. Chamber members who choose to move forward with Digital Boardwalk’s cybersecurity strategy will receive a discount on these services. Schedule a discussion with Digital Boardwalk’s vCIO here.

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