Digital Boardwalk Announces the Launch of SupportAlly™ – The Region’s First, Purpose-Built Co-Managed I.T. Solution Offering

Pensacola, FL (January 17, 2022) – Digital Boardwalk, the region’s most awarded provider of managed I.T. services since 2008, launches the region’s first official co-managed I.T. service plan designed specifically for organizations with existing I.T. departments or technical staff.

“After a decade of great success partnering with organizations under the co-managed I.T. model, we felt it was time to officially launch this unique I.T. management delivery strategy under its own brand name: SupportAlly™,” said Tim Shoop, CEO, Digital Boardwalk. “SupportAlly™ exemplifies the alliance between our team of award-winning engineers and our clients’ existing technical staff. It also demonstrates how Digital Boardwalk serves as a direct extension of our clients’ businesses rather than a traditional ‘arms-length’ consultative type of business relationship.”

The co-managed I.T. model isn’t necessarily new or ground-breaking. Instead of outsourcing 100% of the technology management responsibilities to a service provider, the co-managed I.T. model delegates specific responsibilities to both the service provider and the organization’s in-house staff to take advantage of their unique areas of expertise. To facilitate a successful partnership, this model requires a service provider with a high degree of operational maturity and experience in enterprise I.T.

Oftentimes, an organization may have a capable technical resource or team that can handle the typical day-to-day I.T. support needs, but they are unable to keep up with all the preventative maintenance, cybersecurity, and technology planning necessary to keep a business running smoothly and securely. With SupportAlly™, the existing team can continue focusing on what they do best, while Digital Boardwalk provides all the maintenance, cybersecurity and compliance, escalation support, and technology management. As a bonus, the organization’s staff can utilize Digital Boardwalk’s suite of innovative tools to manage their day-to-day and fulfill their responsibilities more efficiently.

“The launch of SupportAlly™ is significant because it marks the first time a service provider in our region has purpose-built a co-managed I.T. service model as a go-to-market strategy,” said Brian Wilkey, EVP, Digital Boardwalk. “While many service providers shy away from co-managed I.T., we have embraced the model and developed a successful strategy proven by years of productive partnerships with organizations across the country.”

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