Digital Boardwalk Increases Cybersecurity Oversight with Third-Party Penetration Testing 

Digital Boardwalk Engages with an External White Hat Cybersecurity Team To Proactively Hunt for Vulnerabilities Through Penetration Testing and Guide Risk Mitigation Efforts. 

Pensacola, FL (February 20, 2024) – Digital Boardwalk announces today that it has engaged with an independent cybersecurity penetration testing organization to deliver truly independent, ongoing audits and Level-3 penetration testing of Digital Boardwalk’s internal cybersecurity controls as well as the cybersecurity services it provides its customers. These assessments are intended to identify blind spots, highlight risks, and provide a path to proactive remediation before vulnerabilities can be exploited by threat actors. 

“We have maintained a very mature cybersecurity practice for both ourselves and our customers for many years,” said Tim Shoop, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Boardwalk. “But we felt it was our responsibility to eliminate our own bias and blind spots by engaging with an independent provider to tell us how we’re doing and improve our cybersecurity posture even further.” 

During a Level-3 penetration test, a “White Hat” security operations team attempts to break into an organization’s IT infrastructure, gain access to other systems in the environment, and determine what information is exposed by this access. The assessments are conducted simultaneously with and without administrative access to systems to demonstrate what threat actors might accomplish with varying degrees of control. This information is then presented in a formal report back to the organization so that risks can be mitigated proactively. 

Most regulatory compliance frameworks require vulnerability assessments once per year, but not all require that these be performed by an independent third party. For that reason, most IT providers conduct these assessments themselves on an as-needed basis. And while that does technically “check the box” for the requirements, it loses sight of the intent of the exercise. 

“The cybersecurity landscape is changing much faster than what most people understand,” said James Todd, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Boardwalk and Registered Practitioner for the Cyber AB. “Performing these assessments once per year simply isn’t enough. A single intentional (or unintentional) change could open an organization up to serious risk of cyber-attack. Waiting an entire year to identify that risk affords bad actors far too much opportunity to exploit it. And “grading your own homework” is unwise when dealing with something as serious as cybersecurity. Organizations and IT providers alike must engage a third-party provider for a truly independent and unbiased pen test.” 

Exceeding industry standards and compliance requirements, and setting itself apart from its competition, Digital Boardwalk has engaged with an independent cybersecurity penetration testing organization to assess Digital Boardwalk’s cybersecurity operations every 90 days. Digital Boardwalk has also worked with the provider to develop a similar solution for Digital Boardwalk’s customers. 

“Today, Digital Boardwalk is thrilled to introduce EnsureInspect+™, a quarterly Level 3 pen test solution for our valued customers,” said Kathleen Shoop, Chief Revenue Officer at Digital Boardwalk. “Now, organizations of all shapes and sizes have an affordable means of meeting their compliance requirements or bolstering their existing cybersecurity efforts with an ongoing third-party assessment. We’re also happy to announce that EnsureInspect+™ is now included in our new SupportElite™ Managed Compliance solution offering.” 

Effective cybersecurity defenses and operations are critical to the success of any modern business. Third-party penetration testing helps validate these existing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement before the bad actors can find them. And now, with Digital Boardwalk’s solutions, these checks and balances are more affordable than ever before. 

About Digital Boardwalk 

Digital Boardwalk is a worldwide leader in managed IT services. Built from the ground up as a true managed IT services provider (“MSP”), Digital Boardwalk leads the industry with a truly innovative approach to IT and cybersecurity management. Our award-winning solutions help businesses all over the country leverage technology to fulfill their missions and outpace their competition. 

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