Digital Boardwalk Reintroduces SupportElite™ as a Dedicated Managed Compliance Solution

Digital Boardwalk Bolsters Its SupportElite™ Package with Seven Additional Compliance Solutions, Making It The Most Comprehensive Solution Offering of Its Kind.

Pensacola, FL (March 25, 2024) – Digital Boardwalk announces today that it has reengineered its SupportElite™ service plan to be a true managed cybersecurity and compliance solution offering. This change finalizes the company’s transition away from traditional “tiered” service plans as is common throughout the rest of the managed IT services industry.

“In 2017, we set out on a path to help organizations build robust IT management and cybersecurity practices by strategically focusing our solution packaging on specific needs and organizational structures,” said Tim Shoop, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Boardwalk. “While most of our peers in the industry offered customers a ‘Good, Better, Best’ option, we felt it was our responsibility to ascertain exactly what our customers need and offer them a single strategic, comprehensive solution.”

Today, Digital Boardwalk now offers three core solutions:

  • Co-Managed IT (SupportAlly™) – For organizations with existing IT personnel on staff looking to augment their IT and cybersecurity efforts.
  • Fully Managed IT (SupportPro™) – For organizations that need to completely outsource their IT management and cybersecurity responsibilities.
  • Managed Compliance (SupportElite™) – For organizations that need to implement and maintain strict regulatory compliance and information governance controls.

Each solution is comprised of over 40 different IT and cybersecurity products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of these organizations. And now, with the reintroduction of SupportElite™, Digital Boardwalk is excited to include the following additional services in its Managed Compliance bundle:

  • Advanced compliance controls, disk encryption enforcement, and USB storage control (EnsureControl™)
  • Zero-trust application and services control with ringfencing (EnsureControl+™)
  • Quarterly Level 3 penetration testing, risk analysis, and remediation planning (EnsureInspect+™)
  • Multi-platform, enterprise-grade multi-factor authentication (EnsureTrust™)
  • Advanced email encryption with content-aware policy enforcement (EnsureSend™)
  • Email archiving with customizable retention and eDiscovery (EnsureArchive™)
  • Microsoft 365 backup with unlimited storage and infinite retention (Echo365™)

“When we help an organization navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, SOX, CMMC, and others, it’s now easier than ever to provide them with a comprehensive solution that checks all the boxes,” says James Todd, Chief Technology Officer at Digital Boardwalk. “We had a fairly robust solution before. However, our new SupportElite™ offering allows us to negotiate the best possible pricing from our vendors and deliver our customers a ground-breaking compliance solution with unmatched value.”

About Digital Boardwalk

Digital Boardwalk is a worldwide leader in managed IT services. Built from the ground up as a true managed IT services provider (“MSP”), Digital Boardwalk leads the industry with a truly innovative approach to IT and cybersecurity management. Our award-winning solutions help businesses all over the country leverage technology to fulfill their missions and outpace their competition.

We help small and mid-market companies achieve peace of mind with their technology, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance. With a strict focus on process and quality audits, paired with our own custom-developed artificial intelligence systems, we deliver an enterprise level of operational maturity and breadth of capabilities that is unmatched in our industry.

Whether your business already has IT resources on staff, or you need to completely outsource your IT and cybersecurity management, we have the solutions and services to help.

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