Why IT Resists MSPs and How Co-Managed Helps

Co-Managed IT Solutions to boost your IT's confidence

In the dynamic world of IT, small businesses often rely heavily on their in-house IT person to manage everything from routine maintenance to unexpected crises. However, as businesses grow and technology evolves, the challenges faced by a single IT professional can become overwhelming. Enter Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Despite the numerous advantages of partnering with an MSP, many in-house IT professionals resist the idea. This resistance is often rooted in insecurities about job security and fear of being replaced. At Digital Boardwalk, we understand these concerns and have designed our Co-Managed IT Solutions to address them, ensuring your IT staff feel supported, not threatened.

Understanding the Insecurities

Your in-house IT professional is a crucial part of your team. They know your systems, understand your business needs, and are often the unsung heroes who keep everything running smoothly. However, the introduction of an MSP can trigger fears, including:

Job Security: The fear of being replaced by an external service provider.

Skill Relevance: Worries about not being able to keep up with new technologies and methodologies.

Loss of Control: Concerns over losing control of the IT environment they’ve worked hard to maintain it.

The Reality: Enhancing, Not Replacing

The truth is, a partnership with an MSP, particularly through a Co-Managed Solution, is designed to enhance the capabilities of your in-house IT professional, not replace them. Here’s how Digital Boardwalk’s Co-Managed IT Solutions can transform your IT landscape:

Empowerment Through Access to Advanced Co-Managed Tools

Small business IT professionals often lack access to the sophisticated tools and platforms necessary for efficient IT management. With Digital Boardwalk, your IT staff can leverage:

Comprehensive Management Tools: Advanced software for monitoring, managing, and securing your IT environment.

Documentation Platforms: Robust systems for documenting processes, procedures, and troubleshooting steps, ensuring consistency and clarity.

Ticketing Systems: Efficient ticketing systems that streamline issue tracking and resolution.

Collaborative Co-Managed Support Model

Our Co-Managed Solution allows your in-house IT person to take the lead while having the backing of a team of experts. This collaborative approach ensures:

Full Access to Resources: Your IT professional can use our password vault, share documentation, and manage incoming ticket requests.

Escalation Pathways: Routine issues can be handled in-house, with the ability to escalate complex problems to our team of specialists.

Skill Development: Exposure to a wider range of IT issues and solutions enhances the skill set of your IT staff, making them more versatile and valuable.

Specialized Expertise When Needed

While your IT person may excel at day-to-day tasks, high-level emergencies, server support, and network issues often require specialized expertise. Our team can provide:

Advanced Troubleshooting: Immediate assistance for critical issues that go beyond everyday problems.

Network and Server Support: Expert support for network configurations, server maintenance, and cybersecurity threats.

Emergency Response: Rapid response to IT emergencies, minimizing downtime and business disruption.

Building a Stronger IT Team Together

At Digital Boardwalk, we value the importance of your in-house IT professional and aim to build a partnership that benefits everyone. Our Co-Managed Solution are designed to:

Boost Confidence: By providing your IT staff with the tools and support they need, we help them feel more confident and competent in their role.

Enhance Efficiency: With access to advanced tools and a knowledgeable support team, your IT operations become more efficient and effective.

Foster Collaboration: We work closely with your IT staff, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration.


The insecurities your IT professional feels about partnering with an MSP are understandable but misplaced. Digital Boardwalk’s Co-Managed IT Solutions are here to elevate your IT staff, not replace them. By empowering your in-house IT person with advanced tools, collaborative support, and specialized expertise, we help create a stronger, more efficient IT environment for your business. Embrace the future of IT management and watch your IT team thrive with Digital Boardwalk. Let’s chat about how we can help your IT department!