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In a previous blog, we talked about the differences between traditional (“break-fix”) I.T. services and Managed I.T. Services. One challenge we noted is how to distinguish true managed I.T. service […]

Businesses today utilize countless different applications on their computers. With the ever-present threat of cyber-attacks, application developers are constantly releasing security “patches” for their software to close vulnerabilities and prevent […]

Many business owners assume there are only two approaches to I.T. management: In-house staff or outsourced. While not all outsourced service providers offer it, there is a third option: Co-managed […]

Pensacola, Fl (May10,2022)- Digital Boardwalk, the region’s most awarded provider of managed I.T. services since 2008, is thrilled to announce the opening of their newest office in Houston, TX. In […]

Microsoft 365’s Bookings feature is an incredibly useful tool for organizing tasks and events. If you often struggle to keep track of your schedule, then this feature is definitely for […]

BrightCloud®, the threat intelligence platform providing valuable cybersecurity analytics and insight to many of the world’s leading cybersecurity vendors, recently released their 2022 BrightCloud® threat report. Included in this report […]

This is a story of a small business that complained to their new managed I.T. services provider (“MSP”) for preventing them from visiting the website of one of their long-term […]

Left unchecked, technology investments and software subscriptions can easily balloon out of control. Since technology is inherently complicated, it’s often difficult to identify where spending is wasteful or how to […]

As much as we wish for and expect it to be, technology is not intuitive for most people. While surface-level capabilities seem to be easy to grasp, the true value […]

The words “Artificial Intelligence” may invoke sci-fi visions of a future where machines have taken over the world, but artificial intelligence (“A.I.”) plays a vital role in the success of […]