IT Support for Automotive

The automotive industry faces many technical challenges — make sure your IT team can keep up

The 2023 release of the new FTC Safeguards Rule has many auto dealerships scrambling to improve their cybersecurity posture and IT processes. While the compliance requirements aren’t especially challenging for an experienced cybersecurity provider like Digital Boardwalk, internal IT teams or traditional IT service providers may struggle to meet some of the operational requirements of the new rule.

FTC Safeguards Rule

We help you implement risk assessments, cybersecurity controls, encryption, security awareness training, incident response plans, and other IT and cybersecurity processes needed for compliance.

24/7/365 Support

Automotive dealerships do the majority of their business outside of traditional office hours. Our around-the-clock support ensures that IT emergencies are handled swiftly before they impact your bottom line.

Dealership Wi-Fi

Our team of Wi-Fi network architects will design and implement a professional wireless network that allows your sales and service teams to seamlessly roam their respective departments and work without interruption.


Are your users prohibited from logging in unless they use multi-factor authentication?

These days, multi-factor authentication (MFA) is the most basic and fundamental of cybersecurity layers; and it’s a key requirement on every cyber liability insurance policy. Enabling MFA is fairly easy, but strictly enforcing it requires mature IT processes and proper technologies.

The Digital Boardwalk Difference

Our People

Our culture of continuous growth and opportunity attracts some of the best talent the industry has to offer. Every year, thousands of users commend our team for their professionalism, aptitude, and friendliness.

Focus on Process

Technology and cybersecurity change far too often and quickly to rely on “head knowledge.” With hundreds of standard operating procedures, and routine quality audits, our processes keep us accountable to our promises.

Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging our own, custom-developed artificial intelligence systems, we consistently deliver all the IT and cybersecurity functions that our competition omits due to a lack of budget and manpower.

Commitment to Innovation

Our founders, having both grown up in military families, learned to embrace change from an early age. That commitment to constant improvement and innovation has been baked into our culture and is core to our very being.

A Customer Success Story

Following the FTC Safeguards Rule release, the auto dealer needed to quickly add several cybersecurity controls and practices. Leaning on Digital Boardwalk’s extensive experience, the dealer was able to meet its compliance requirements quickly and efficiently.

The proof is in the numbers

Year after year, Digital Boardwalk consistently delivers an award-winning customer experience at scale.

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Learn More About IT & Cybersecurity

Is a lack of IT processes holding you back?

Most IT teams are great at “fighting fires,” but struggle with all the processes and proactivity it takes to effectively manage the rapid pace of technology change. Take our free IT Maturity Assessment and see where your business has opportunities for improvement.

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