Engineering firm optimizes IT systems and reduces spending

After several years of adding server infrastructure based on the current IT provider’s recommendations, a bloated IT budget caused the firm to consider alternatives. Digital Boardwalk’s assessment and strategic plan delivered quick optimization with real savings.

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The Customer

A small engineering firm with 22 employees and two office locations in North and Central Florida felt like they were spending far too much money on IT considering how inefficient they were operating. Despite having a VPN for remote access in the field, engineers struggled to work with their design files and schematics due to slow performance and recurring connection issues. It was clear that the current IT provider was steering the firm toward technologies that generated more revenue for the IT provider rather than solving the firm’s challenges.

The Customer’s Challenges:

11 Total Servers

being maintained in production

Complicated VPN

for remote access

Slow Performance

working with design files remotely


of Microsoft 365 capabilities

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing IT systems, current challenges, and business objectives, we developed a plan to reduce on-site infrastructure by taking advantage of existing platforms and more modern technologies.

digital boardwalk employees sitting around a table discussing business


Eliminate/Consolidate Servers

by utilizing existing IT systems and strategic changes


Microsoft SharePoint

provides simple access to drawing files anywhere


Modern Cloud Backup

eliminates a server and provides better protection

Cut over $25k/year in wasteful spending

by eliminating 7 servers and migrating to alternative solutions

>80% reduction in business interruptions

by streamlining IT systems and proactively resolving potential issues

Improved remote productivity

by using SharePoint to access company files without complex VPNs

Ongoing IT and budget optimization

with quarterly planning meetings with a virtual Chief Information Officer

Their Results

After consolidating server functions, migrating other functions to existing Microsoft 365 cloud services, and replacing the remaining functions with modern, more cost-effective solutions, the firm had an IT infrastructure that was vastly improved. With a third of the servers, the firm significantly reduced monthly recurring IT management costs, as well as long-term capital expenditures for server replacements and licensing. Beyond the savings, the firm also increased its staff productivity and practically eliminated IT interruptions.

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