K-8 charter school fixes campus-wide technology

After a previous IT provider collected their money and abandoned the school with non-functioning technology, the school desperately needed help. Digital Boardwalk delivered quick resolution using its extensive experience implementing IT systems for schools.

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The Customer

A small charter school in Central Florida serving nearly 200 students in Pre-K through 8th grade found themselves in a tough spot after the IT provider that helped them launch the school abandoned them shortly after with unreliable network connectivity and non-functional student computers. With tens of thousands of dollars already invested in IT infrastructure, a limited remaining budget, and only a few months prior to the next school term, the school needed an IT provider with integrity and industry experience to help them recover from this unfortunate situation.

The Customer’s Challenges:

Slow Internet

due to an insufficient firewall

Frequent Outages

due to misconfigured networks

Useless Computers

with missing operating systems

No Cybersecurity

to meet CIPA compliance

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing IT systems and the status of the original project, we developed a plan to utilize all the existing equipment investments and reconfigure the network and Wi-Fi as needed for a school campus.

digital boardwalk employees sitting around a table discussing business


Re-engineered Network

with a new firewall and proper network configurations


Google Chrome OS

for all the computers with missing operating systems


Internet Security & Filtering

to meet CIPA compliance requirements

Recovered over $30k in IT investments

by taking advantage of free Google Chrome OS licensing

3x increase in internet speeds

by implementing an appropriately scaled firewall for the network

Reliable campus-wide Wi-Fi

by reconfiguring the networks as needed for high-density school networks

Comprehensive cybersecurity

to protect the students and faculty, and meet compliance requirements

Their Results

After re-imaging over 100 computers with Google’s Chrome OS, the school was able to connect the computers to their Google Classroom environment and finally use them for the next school year. Also, after identifying the previous IT provider installed a different firewall than what was sold, the school was able to secure a refund and use those funds to purchase the proper firewall. Following a complete re-configuration of the entire network, the school finally had reliable internet and network connectivity campus-wide for the students and faculty.

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