Radiologists deliver rapid diagnostics via advanced technology

Looking to provide their patients with cutting-edge interventional and diagnostic radiology services with 24/7 availability, the radiology group turned to Digital Boardwalk for an innovative and reliable technology solution with round-the-clock IT support.

Healthcare Customer Service Success Story Booklet

The Customer

A large teleradiology group with 16 doctors and 27 locations throughout the U.S. needed to improve their IT systems and increase the level of care for their patients by providing rapid diagnostic capabilities to their doctors across various hospital, commercial, and residential locations. Additionally, they needed an IT partner that could provide 24/7 technical support with near-immediate response for their advanced diagnostic equipment and intricate hospital network connections. It would take a highly specialized and experienced MSP to deliver on these needs.

The Customer’s Challenges:

Unstable Connections

to hospital PACS

Complex Technology

caused frustration for doctors

Slow IT Support

forced doctors to travel to hospitals

Frequent Moves

between hospitals and locations

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing IT systems, we developed a plan to standardize the network connections to improve reliability. We also implemented our responsive 24/7 support team with extensive healthcare IT experience.

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Standardized Connections

to stabilize network connectivity to the hospitals


24/7 Support with 15-minute SLA

to fix IT issues before doctors have to relocate


Comprehensive IT Management

to manage frequent changes and location moves

>98% reduction in connectivity issues

by implementing enterprise-grade network infrastructure at each location

< 15-minute average support response

to technical issues, no matter the time of day

All-inclusive IT management

to help with routine location changes and new doctors

Managed hospital integrations

providing convenience for the doctors and rapid diagnosis for patients

Their Results

After replacing the network infrastructure and internet connectivity at all the diagnostic locations, and upgrading complicated VPN connections, doctors were able to connect to hospital PACS with ease and perform their diagnostics without interruption. On the rare occasion that a connection issue did surface, doctors were able to reach an experienced support engineer within minutes, resolving the problem before the doctor was forced to travel to an alternative location. These changes helped the practice attract new doctors and deliver vital services to their patients.

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