Insurance agency reduces premiums with modern cybersecurity

Facing a significant increase in their cyber liability insurance premiums, the agency realized they needed to strengthen their cybersecurity posture. Digital Boardwalk’s comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance services delivered a quick solution.

Insurance and Financial Customer Service Success Story Booklet

The Customer

A small insurance and employee benefits agency located in Northwest Florida with 15 employees had several cybersecurity defenses in place but realized cybersecurity had quickly evolved when they found several additional checkboxes on their cyber liability insurance policy renewal application. To avoid an unnecessary increase in their insurance premiums or the possibility of a non-renewal, the agency recognized that they needed to bolster their cybersecurity strategy by adding a few more layers of defense and modernizing several others.

The Customer’s Challenges:

No Internet Security

to protect users from harmful sites

No Awareness Training

to improve user vigilance

No Simulations

to test cybersecurity awareness

Old Email Encryption

required user action per message

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing cybersecurity systems and insurance application requirements, we developed a plan to implement three additional cybersecurity defense layers and replace one existing encryption solution.

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DNS Security & Filtering

protects all internet traffic and content


Training & Phishing Simulations

educates users and helps them avoid falling victim


Modernized Email Encryption

automatically protects emails based on their contents

Satisfied all insurance requirements

and renewed the policy without a significant premium increase

> 30% reduction in click-through rate

on phishing and other email-based cyber-attacks

Consistent 100% participation rate

in bi-annual cybersecurity awareness training

Fully automated email encryption

no longer requires users to decide if or when to encrypt emails

Their Results

Although their primary objective was to avoid a significant increase in their cyber liability insurance premium, the agency quickly noticed an immediate benefit from all the cybersecurity enhancements. The entertaining cybersecurity training program not only captivated users’ attention but also resulted in a measurable decrease in user engagement of email-based cyber-attacks. Additionally, the new email encryption system no longer required user action, allowing the agency to confidently send protected information via email, improving productivity.

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