Large law firm migrates email system with zero business interruption

Wanting to migrate hundreds of mailboxes from an on-site email server to Microsoft 365, the firm knew it would take an experienced team. With a successful migration strategy already tested and proven, Digital Boardwalk completed the task with zero interruption.

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The Customer

A large law firm practicing in over 20 legal service areas with 150 employees and four office locations throughout the Gulf Coast wanted to modernize their email communications by migrating from an on-premises Microsoft Exchange email server to Microsoft 365. With email serving as the backbone of the firm’s operations and communications, and zero tolerance for downtime or interruption, the firm needed a migration strategy that was proven, well-understood, and strategic. It would take a highly experienced Microsoft Solutions Partner to deliver on these needs.

The Customer’s Challenges:

Zero Tolerance

for downtime or interruption

150+ User Mailboxes

to migrate seamlessly on all devices

Over 1.5TB of Emails

to transfer to Microsoft 365

Data Protection

for the Microsoft 365 environment

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing email server and mailboxes, we developed a live migration plan based on an Exchange Hybrid Deployment method. We also implemented an immutable backup for the Microsoft 365 environment.

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Exchange Hybrid Deployment

to connect both email systems for direct migration


Staged Data Synchronization

to reduce the impact on system performance


Microsoft 365 Backup

to protect all data on the new platform

Zero migration downtime or interruption

by following a strategic and proven migration plan

Live migration on user computers

required no user interaction or Microsoft Outlook reconfiguration

Over $8k in annual IT savings

by reducing on-site server infrastructure and migrating to Microsoft 365

Improved reliability with 99.99% uptime

with better redundancies of the Microsoft Cloud

Their Results

By following a strategic and proven migration plan, Digital Boardwalk was able to seamlessly migrate the firm to Microsoft 365 with no interruption to the firm’s operations. Despite needing to migrate hundreds of mailboxes and over a terabyte of data, the migration was also completed in a matter of weeks. By migrating to Microsoft 365, not only was the firm able to improve reliability and productivity since they were no longer dependent on local technology infrastructure, but they did so while also significantly reducing their total costs. 

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