Large beverage distributor overhauls its IT operations

Dissatisfied with the poor quality of service and value from its current provider, the distributor turned to Digital Boardwalk for a comprehensive IT and cybersecurity management solution with a focus on proactivity and planning.

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The Customer

A large beverage distributor in business for nearly 150 years with over 200 employees and two locations in the Gulf Coast desperately needed to improve its IT operations. The distributor’s current IT services provider, a very large and reputable Florida-based accounting firm with an IT division, was failing to deliver a consistent support experience and uphold its obligations. While the distributor’s needs weren’t uncommon for its industry, it would take an MSP with exceptionally mature IT and cybersecurity operations to deliver on those needs consistently.

The Customer’s Challenges:

Unresponsive Support

for technical support needs

Inadequate Security

to stop modern threats

Unpredictable Costs

being nickeled and dimed

Unfulfilled Promises

with services missing or disabled

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing IT systems and business challenges, we developed a plan to assume all management and support responsibilities for the IT and cybersecurity infrastructure.

digital boardwalk employees sitting around a table discussing business


All-inclusive Technical Support

to provide responsive help to the staff


Multi-layer Cybersecurity

to mitigate risks from multiple attack vectors


Ongoing IT Planning

to proactively manage technology and change

300+ weekly phishing attacks blocked

by implementing a sophisticated email threat protection platform

< 2-hour average resolution

to technical support requests from the staff

Immediate reduction in interruptions

by proactively managing changes after operating hours

Ongoing IT and budget optimization

with quarterly planning meetings with a virtual Chief Information Officer

Their Results

After a contentious transition away from the current provider, the distributor now had a large team of responsive, specialized, and experienced engineers overseeing all its IT and cybersecurity operations. Simultaneously, each team focused on implementing over a dozen new cybersecurity defenses, transitioning staff to new technical support workflows, implementing data protection for the various server and cloud systems, configuring best practices for Microsoft 365 and other IT systems, and documenting standards and procedures for the business.

Is a lack of IT processes holding you back?

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