Homeless services organization augments its IT management

Looking to improve its IT operations, modernize its technology, and augment its internal IT staff, the organization turned to Digital Boardwalk for its expertise in helping other large organizations in a co-managed IT services partnership model.

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The Customer

A large homeless services organization with over 200 employees and 15 locations throughout Florida and Alabama had several upcoming IT projects that exceeded the capacity and capability of its in-house IT staff. The organization wanted to replace significant portions of its technology infrastructure with more modern cloud-based systems, all while transitioning seamlessly with little to no operational impact. It would take a highly experienced and specialized MSP to work alongside the organization’s in-house IT staff and fulfill these needs.

The Customer’s Challenges:

Regional Storms

causing frequent interruptions

5 Production Servers

to migrate to the cloud

Limited Capacity

to help staff members with change

Zero Tolerance

for downtime or interruption

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing server infrastructure and hypervisors, we developed a plan to seed the servers directly to a private cloud data center in a live migration strategy.

digital boardwalk employees sitting around a table discussing business


Private Cloud Infrastructure

for secure servers with predictable costs


Direct Sync Between Hypervisors

to migrate to the cloud with little to no interruption


Co-Managed IT

to augment the in-house staff

Zero migration downtime or interruption

by following a strategic and proven migration plan

Improved reliability with 99.99% uptime

with multiple layers of redundancy in the private cloud

Co-managed IT partnership

to distribute responsibilities between in-house and outsourced teams

Ongoing IT and budget optimization

with quarterly planning meetings with a virtual Chief Information Officer

Their Results

After carefully assessing the existing infrastructure and developing a strategic migration plan, Digital Boardwalk’s Change Management team oversaw the entire migration process, keeping the in-house IT staff apprised of progress but allowing them to focus on their day-to-day responsibilities. By migrating to strategic cloud technologies, regional storms and power outages no longer impacted all of the organization’s locations. Ongoing IT planning meetings also help to optimize budgets, control spending, and plan ahead for technology changes.

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