HVAC contractor streamlines operations with Microsoft 365

Struggling with operational inefficiencies within the business due to dated technology and paper processes, the contractor turned to Digital Boardwalk for a strategic overhaul of its IT, productivity, and communication systems.

Small Business Customer Service Success Story Booklet

The Customer

A small HVAC contractor in business for over 40 years in Central Florida faced a number of challenges due to old technology with limited capabilities. The entire process from evaluating a customer’s needs to final delivery of products and services required several copies of files, multiple communication channels, and a very fragmented business process. An overhaul of these systems and processes was necessary to remain competitive, and it would take a specialized and experienced MSP to deliver on those needs.

The Customer’s Challenges:

Slow Sales Cycle

due to inefficient processes

Fragmented Data

from both digital and paper files


is disorganized and inconsistent

Information Delays

due to poor accessibility in the field

Our Solution

After a thorough assessment of the existing IT systems, we developed a plan to implement the Microsoft 365 platform to streamline communications, centralize business information, and introduce new operational workflows.

digital boardwalk employees sitting around a table discussing business


Microsoft Exchange Email

to sync email communications across all devices


Microsoft Teams

to enable instant communications with field techs


Microsoft SharePoint

to collaborate on documents anywhere and anytime

Significantly shorter sales cycle

by streamlining the sales processes with Microsoft cloud technologies

Eliminated missed email communications

by synchronizing across all devices and introducing group mailboxes

No more copies or forks in the data

by allowing users to collaborate on a single file throughout the sales cycle

Improved customer experience

with consistent, efficient, and effective business processes

Their Results

After bringing all the users together on a single email platform, and migrating all the business data to Microsoft SharePoint, the staff were able to communicate and collaborate no matter what device they were using, both inside the office and out in the field. Sales representatives could take pictures on their tablets, upload them directly to the cloud, prepare the proposal, get manager approval, and collect the customer’s signature, all in a matter of minutes. These enhancements increased sales closure rates and improved the experience for everyone involved.

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