IT Support

Augment your existing IT team and reduce cost

1:20 – That’s the ratio of full-time IT personnel to total staff it takes for small and mid-market companies to fulfill all their IT and cybersecurity responsibilities. Staffing all these functions in-house isn’t your only option, though.

With co-managed IT, our team works alongside yours, dividing responsibilities and sharing our enterprise-grade management platform, giving you the best of both worlds.

Improved Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity demands dedication. Our team can focus on your defenses without distraction while your IT team supports your staff.

Greater Efficiency

Your IT team gains access to our enterprise-grade technology management platform, helping them complete tasks quicker than ever.

Expertise On-Tap

When your IT team needs help, our team of experts is at the ready. From complex technical issues to large projects, we’re here to help.


Do you install critical security patches on every device within 7 days of their release?

Security patch management is one of the greatest challenges for internal IT teams. Without the proper patching strategy, management platform, and dedicated oversight, it’s not uncommon for organizations to fall months or even years behind on patches, leaving them vulnerable to costly cyber-attacks and data breaches.

Reduced licensing costs

Due to our volume, we’re able to license cybersecurity, productivity, and backup services for much less than your current spending, and often for better-quality solutions.

Streamlined operations

From standard operating procedures to advanced support platforms, we provide your IT team with all the resources they need to streamline operations and improve your end-user experience.

Divide and conquer

We work hand-in-hand with your IT team to divide responsibilities and ensure projects and other IT initiatives remain on track without deprioritizing important tasks such as cybersecurity.

Unparalleled cybersecurity

We employ a defense in depth strategy to protect your business from a multitude of attack vectors with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions powered by machine learning.

Unrivaled value plus an award-winning team

Even though your internal IT team continues to provide day-to-day technical support, vacations, unexpected illness, and other challenges might occasionally stretch your internal team thin.

Not to worry – we’ve got your back. Our large team of engineers is ready to step in at a moment’s notice and provide support so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

Our Process


We confirm your business goals and objectives, design a custom set of managed IT services, and prepare a formal scope of work for your review and approval.


We create a strategic project plan, follow a detailed series of standard operating procedures to implement the solutions, and train your staff on all the changes.


We proactively maintain all your technology, routinely audit the systems to verify all is working as it should, and help you plan for future technology changes.

Our Capabilities

We are your single partnership for all the technology it takes to run a modern business. Whether you already have effective IT systems that you simply need help managing and maintaining, or you need to modernize your business with new technologies, we have the solutions and strategy to help.

Our Perspective

Portrait of Devin in a polo and glasses

“I worked for a few other reputable managed IT services providers before joining Digital Boardwalk, and the difference was astonishing. Immediately I could tell how much more mature this company was. For the very first time, I feel confident that what my company is promising its customers is exactly what we are delivering, and then some.”

Devin B.
Service Operations, Digital Boardwalk

The proof is in the numbers

Year after year, Digital Boardwalk consistently delivers an award-winning customer experience at scale.

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Is a lack of IT processes holding you back?

Most IT teams are great at “fighting fires,” but struggle with all the processes and proactivity it takes to effectively manage the rapid pace of technology change. Take our free IT Maturity Assessment and see where your business has opportunities for improvement.

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