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Email Threat Protection


Over 90% of modern cyber-attacks begin with an email, yet many organizations still don’t have adequate protections in place to stop these threats. Preventing malicious emails from ever reaching your users’ inboxes is a critical layer in modern cybersecurity defense strategies.



Stop phishing emails in their tracks before they ever reach your inbox.

Impersonation Protection

Prevent email spoofing and verify senders are actually who they claim to be.

Link Protection

Verify that links in emails point to safe locations before allowing users to connect.

Attachment Quarantine

Block malware and remove malicious code from email attachments.

Message Recall

Quickly remove malicious emails from all users’ inboxes before they have a chance to engage.

Internet (DNS) Security


Both the NSA and CISA recommend DNS protection due to its effectiveness at stopping threats prior to infection. By analyzing all internet traffic at the DNS layer, users can be protected from even the most sophisticated and convincing cyber-attacks.


Protection Anywhere

Whether you are on the office network or a public internet connection, you are protected at all times.

Custom Policies

Enforce different security policies for individual devices, groups, or locations.

Content Filtering

Prevent your users from reaching adult content, social media sites, and other categories.

Detailed Reporting

See what websites each of your users are visiting with date, time, and device details.

DoH Visibility

Secure all internet requests even on secured sites using DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

Awareness Training


Over 82% of all data breaches are a result of human error. Users who routinely participate in effective cybersecurity awareness training programs are statistically more vigilant and better able to identify and report threats.


Engaging Training

Short, 10-minute stories narrated by Hollywood actors hold users’ attention for effective training.

Familiar Schedule

Users participate in 8 weekly training sessions twice per year in the spring and fall.

Knowledge Checks

Each training session ends with a quiz to test users’ understanding of the concepts.

Participation Reporting

Provide compliance auditors with reports proving users have completed their required training.

Curated Curriculum

Training content is professionally curated each year to align with the current cyber landscape.

Penetration Testing


Proactively assessing your technology for security vulnerabilities is key to an effective cybersecurity strategy, and it is now mandatory for many organizations. Stop grading your own homework and conduct a true, third-party cybersecurity assessment.


Level-3 Pen Test

Pen tests are performed by a “White Hat” SecOps team for a comprehensive assessment.

Frequent Assessments

Cybersecurity assessments are performed once per quarter to continuously evaluate risk.

Detailed Reporting

Comprehensive reports not only pinpoint risks but identify actual problems leading to cyber-attacks.

Truly Third-Party

Assessments are performed by an independent provider, eliminating bias and blindspots.

Regulatory Compliance

Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements for routine assessment and pen testing.

Endpoint Protection


As a business’s last line of defense in a multi-layer cybersecurity defense strategy, endpoint protection plays an important role in stopping sophisticated zero-day threats and cyber-attacks that make it past your other defenses.


No Definitions

No more intense management of virus definition downloads on all of your endpoints.


Comprehensive defenses to protect against malicious files, scripts, exploits, and URLs.

Precision Roll-Back

After the threat is quarantined, automatically restore the original files to avoid interruption.

Machine Learning

Threats are analyzed in real-time by machine learning behavior models for unparalleled efficacy.

Rapid Deployment

The nimble agent is designed for minimal footprint and deploys in seconds to your endpoints.

Ransomware Protection


Ransomware accounts for 20% of all cyber crimes, yet fewer than 1% of businesses have any sort of ransomware detection and response strategy in place. During a ransomware event, quick response can be the difference between a near-miss and complete business shutdown.


Response in Seconds

When ransomware behavior is detected, the device is isolated within seconds.

Network Isolation

Network isolation stops the attack from spreading and uploading your data to the attacker.

Remote Remediation

Even when isolated from the internet, our team can remotely connect and mitigate the threat.

Lockdown Policies

50+ cybersecurity best practices policies are enforced to close common attack vectors.

Advanced Logging

Strategic logs provide early notice of suspicious activity even before an attack begins.

Zero-Trust App Control


Even without administrative rights, users can still install malware and other unauthorized programs on their computers. With a zero-trust approach, applications, installers, and background processes are automatically blocked by default unless explicitly authorized.


Permit By Exception

Only specific programs and processes are allowed to run. Everything else is blocked by default.


Prevent exploits and attackers from using legitimate tools such as PowerShell.

Elevation Control

Give user installation rights only to specific applications, putting them back in control.

Testing Environment

Test applications in a sandbox environment to determine if they are safe prior to allowing them.

Learning Mode

Build a set of recommended policies to implement zero-trust without major interruption.

Enterprise MFA


Some of the most infamous cyber-attacks in recent years were a direct result of the organizations not properly enforcing multi-factor authentication (MFA). Eliminate resistance to MFA adoption with a user-friendly solution that is easy to manage and easy to enforce.


Unified Solution

One simple MFA solution for every application, website, and service you use.

Block MFA Fatigue Attacks

Stop bad actors from overwhelming users with illegitimate MFA prompts.

Security Key Support

Seamlessly utilize YubiKeys and other advanced authentication methods in one simple solution.

Self-Service Setup

Users easily activate MFA without special assistance needed from IT teams.

Secure Cloud Resources

Secure servers and other cloud resources without complicated VPNs or special firewalls.

Secure Password Vault


The average person has over 100 passwords. Since it’s impossible for users to memorize 100+ unique passwords, they succumb to poor practices like password reuse. Eliminate the need to memorize passwords and enable stronger credentials with a secure password vault.


SOC 2-Compliant

Sophisticated cybersecurity and compliance controls keep your passwords safe.

Mandatory MFA

Users can only access passwords after completing an MFA prompt – no exceptions.

Autofill Passwords

Seamless insert saved passwords into website login fields in one simple click.

Secure Sharing

Choose which passwords you want to share with others for collaborative security.

One-Time Passcodes

Support for one-time passcodes means you can enforce MFA even on shared logins.

Email Encryption


Do you know every condition by which an email must be encrypted to comply with federal laws? Neither do your users. Our platform analyzes the content of your emails and attachments, considers your applicable laws and regulations, and automatically encrypts the emails.


Automated Encryption

Emails are evaluated and encrypted in real time; no special action or training is needed.

Compliance Rules

Automatically detect content based on PII, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA, and other regulatory rules.

Simple for Recipients

Recipients using modern email platforms receive encrypted emails just like a normal email.

Seamless Integration

Enable encryption for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and other modern email systems.

Detailed Reporting

See a detailed audit trail for every outgoing email, the rules it tested for, and the encryption method.

Information Archiving


All businesses are legally required to retain records, including email and other communications, for anywhere from 3-7 years. Confidently meet these legal obligations with a platform that automatically archives all your information from more than 50 communication tools.


50+ Archive Sources

Automatically archive email, Microsoft Teams, and even social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Retention Rules

Keep archived information forever or add rules to automatically purge it after certain thresholds.

User-Friendly Search

Use simple search tools like a typical internet search engine – no special training is required.

Migration Support

We’ll help you migrate pre-existing archives into our platform for a simple transition.

Third-Party Access

Provide legal teams direct access to your archives to complete their eDiscovery.

Employee Monitoring


If you’ve ever had an HR incident, you probably wished you could have seen what an employee was doing on their computer at the time. Now you can! Automatic screenshots of employees’ computers every 5 minutes allow you to go back and review activity at any time.


5-Minute Snapshots

Full-screen pictures of your employee computers are captured every 5 minutes.

30-Day Retention

Snapshots are kept for 30 days and then automatically deleted to reduce storage.

Simple Review

Screenshots are organized by username, day, and time for quick and simple review.

Direct To Cloud

Screenshots are silently captured and automatically uploaded directly to the cloud.

Logon Legal Notice

Meet your legal requirements by having users acknowledge their activities are being monitored.

Patch Management

SupportAlly™, SupportPro™, & SupportElite™

Making sure that every single device in your organization has the latest security patches installed is a daunting task. It’s no surprise that most organizations are months or even years behind on their patches. But with the right patch management strategy, you can rest easy.


Critical Patching

Critical security patches with a CVSS score over 7 are deployed immediately upon release.

Staged Deployment

Updates are tested and deployed in stages to prevent major interruptions from broken patches.

After Hours Updates

Updates are installed, and systems are proactively rebooted, after hours for maximum efficiency.

Hidden From Users

Updates are managed silently – no more annoying reminders for users to install updates.

Highly Effective

With a tried-and-true strategy, patches are installed consistently and timely.

Attack Surface Management


Detecting modern threats requires monitoring your entire attack surface. By constantly inspecting all of your technology, from the office to the cloud, we can alert to critical changes, mitigate risks, and stop attacks before they escalate.

Cyber Risk Dashboard


Cyber Risk Management

Identify risks in real-time, such as unnecessary privileged users or disabled MFA.

Baseline Compliance

Evaluate all systems against best practices to see what is misconfigured or has been changed.

Change Timeline

Every change across every system is timestamped and logged for a complete history.

Comprehensive Inventory

Access an inventory of systems, users, and platforms for a complete view of your technology.

Monthly Reporting

Review your cyber health and other insightful information in a comprehensive monthly report.

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