Certified Experts

Implement and use the Microsoft Cloud with confidence

Whether you want to migrate to Microsoft’s cloud or you already subscribe to Microsoft 365 and want to use the platform to its full potential, our team of certified experts has the credentials and experience to help.


We help you license the appropriate Microsoft services based on your business needs and then seamlessly migrate you to the platform.


We help you adopt SharePoint, Teams, and other included Microsoft services to help you streamline your business operations.


We help your staff get started on the Microsoft Cloud with custom-tailored live training that helps drive interest and adoption. 


Does your technology prevent users from exfiltrating protected company information?

Telling your employees they are not permitted to transfer protected information to unauthorized locations is one thing. Preventing them from doing it is an entirely different challenge. Controlling these types of actions is critical to preventing data breaches due to insider threats or cyber-attacks.

Collaborate with efficiency

Use Microsoft Office to create rich documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and more with real-time collaboration of users both inside and outside of your organization.

Work seamlessly from any device

Eliminate costly consumer services such as DropBox, and use Microsoft OneDrive to save your files to the cloud and work on them from your computer, smartphone, or tablet anytime.

Eliminate costly servers

Most businesses use servers simply as a central place to save and access files. Take those files to the cloud with Microsoft SharePoint and say goodbye to traditional servers.

Communicate like never before

Enable real-time communication within your organization with Microsoft Teams. Chat, share screens, record meetings, and embrace remote work with ease.

Unrivaled value plus an award-winning team

Technology on its own can be challenging to many end-users. Add the complexity of ever-changing cloud technology on top of that and it’s easy to understand why many users experience frustration.

Every year, thousands of users commend our engineers for their ability to help them quickly overcome these challenges.

Our Process


We confirm your business goals and objectives, design a custom set of managed IT services, and prepare a formal scope of work for your review and approval.


We create a strategic project plan, follow a detailed series of standard operating procedures to implement the solutions, and train your staff on all the changes.


We proactively maintain all your technology, routinely audit the systems to verify all is working as it should, and help you plan for future technology changes.

Microsoft Copilot

for Microsoft 365

Combine the power of next-generation AI with your organization’s data in the Microsoft 365 cloud – all in the flow of work – to turn your words into the most powerful productivity tool on the planet.


Natural Language

Prompt Copilot with simple words to perform complex tasks in seconds.

Help Draft Content

At a loss for words? Ask Copilot for help and generate or rewrite professional text.

Meeting Minutes

Copilot listens in on your meetings and generates meeting minutes automatically.

Create Presentations

Copilot helps build new presentations or restructure your existing presentations.

Analyze Data

Need help with a formula or analyzing data? Copilot turns raw data into usable insights.

Microsoft Entra ID

identity and access management (IAM)

Microsoft Entra ID is a cloud-based identity and access management service that enables your employees to access work resources while strictly governing what applications and information they have access to.


Your Digital ID for Work

Bring together all your settings, preferences, and permissions under a single organization ID.

Single Sign-On

One login for all the apps and services your organization uses.

Conditional Access

Restrict access to your organization’s data based on location, device, compliance status, and more.

Self-Service Management

Employees can securely reset their own passwords and reduce common interruptions.

Simplify Permissions

Organize users in groups and standardize access to applications and information.

Microsoft SharePoint

seamless document sharing in the cloud

Microsoft SharePoint allows you to easily organize your files in the cloud, enabling seamless sharing and collaboration between your staff and customers, all while maintaining tight security and governance.


Centralized Files

Store all of your organization’s files securely in the cloud in one central location.

Simple Sharing

Simply share files with colleagues or customers with a single click.

Secure Upload

Give external users a link to securely upload files directly to your SharePoint.

Access Anywhere

Conveniently access your files from your computer, tablet, and phone no matter where you are.

Internal Website

Create an internal company website to display shared calendars, news, and other information.

Microsoft Teams

rehumanizing modern communication

Microsoft Teams transforms communication, promotes collaboration, and improves productivity in a modern world where hybrid work is both necessary and key to outpacing competition.


Less Email, More Chat

With real-time chat, your staff can get quicker answers while also reducing email noise.

Live Screen Sharing

Train your colleagues or deliver presentations to your customers in a fresh and interesting way.

Video Conferencing

Bring back the human element and reintroduce face-to-face communications to the workplace.

Meeting Recording

Conveniently record your meetings for future training or recap for those who couldn’t attend.

Streamlined Webinars

Host webinars with simple tools, built-in registration forms, and much more.

Microsoft Intune

device management for the modern world

Microsoft Intune allows you to maintain tight control over your organization’s information whether users have company-issued devices or wish to bring their own device (BYOD).


Mandate Compliance

Prohibit access to your systems unless the user is connecting from a registered, compliant device.

Windows Autopilot

Offer employees a streamlined onboarding experience with pre-configured computers.

App Deployment

Automatically deploy your standard applications across all employee devices.

Enforce Standards

Standardize browser favorites and other common settings for a consistent experience.


Allow employees to use their own personal devices while still protecting company information.

Our Capabilities

We are your single partnership for all the technology it takes to run a modern business. Whether you already have effective IT systems that you simply need help managing and maintaining, or you need to modernize your business with new technologies, we have the solutions and strategy to help.

Our Perspective

Portrait of Devin in a polo and glasses

“I worked for a few other reputable managed IT services providers before joining Digital Boardwalk, and the difference was astonishing. Immediately I could tell how much more mature this company was. For the very first time, I feel confident that what my company is promising its customers is exactly what we are delivering, and then some.”

Devin B.
Service Operations, Digital Boardwalk

The proof is in the numbers

Year after year, Digital Boardwalk consistently delivers an award-winning customer experience at scale.

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