Hardware & Software

Millions of technology products, strategic recommendations, and competitive pricing.

Businesses must routinely purchase new technology hardware and software, but this process can often be overwhelming and frustrating. We help you streamline your purchasing process with custom solution engineering, product availability verification, price comparisons, rapid shipping, RMA processing, and much more.

Fast Shipping

With warehouses across the entire US, most shipments arrive in 1-3 business days.

Price Comparison

We simultaneously shop multiple wholesalers and retailers to get you the very best price.

Realtime Availability

We can instantly see every warehouse’s current inventory to verify availability prior to ordering.

Solution Architecture

Our engineers help you find the ideal technology to fit your needs and budget.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Pre-configure your Chromebooks and Microsoft Autopilot devices straight from the warehouse.

Our Advantage

Digital Boardwalk has over 30 years of buying history with the industry’s largest distribution channels – the same channels that supply Amazon, CDW, and other major retailers. This means that we can procure almost any type of technology from every major manufacturer at unbeatable pricing.

Two Women opening the door of the Digital Boardwalk branded van
photo of smiling I T worker with a headset on

Solution Architecture

With technology changing so rapidly, it’s challenging for businesses to make informed purchasing decisions without a little help. Digital Boardwalk has an entire team of sales engineers dedicated to staying up to date on the latest technologies and helping businesses find cutting-edge solutions. Whether you simply need to purchase a computer for a new employee, or you need to plan a major network expansion, we can help you through the entire process.

Secure Asset Disposal

Fill a forest, not a landfill

Electronic waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills, but it equals more than two-thirds of overall toxic waste! With our asset disposal services, we make it easy for your business to recycle old equipment and comply with your data destruction requirements.


Recycle & Plant Trees

Through our partners at Veritree, we plant 1 tree for every device you recycle.

NIST 800-88 Compliant

All drives are securely wiped or destroyed in compliance with the NIST 800-88 standards.

Certificate of Disposal

A certificate of disposal is available for your records verifying EPA and NIST compliance.

Simply Pack and Ship

We box up your equipment, attach a shipping label, and schedule USPS to pick it up.

Bulk Recycling

Have a room full of junk to recycle? No problem. We’ll send someone to your office to take care of it.

The Digital Boardwalk Difference

Our People

Our culture of continuous growth and opportunity attracts some of the best talent the industry has to offer. Every year, thousands of users commend our team for their professionalism, aptitude, and friendliness.

Focus on Process

Technology and cybersecurity change far too often and quickly to rely on “head knowledge.” With hundreds of standard operating procedures, and routine quality audits, our processes keep us accountable to our promises.

Artificial Intelligence

By leveraging our own, custom-developed artificial intelligence systems, we consistently deliver all the IT and cybersecurity functions that our competition omits due to a lack of budget and manpower.

Commitment to Innovation

Our founders, having both grown up in military families, learned to embrace change from an early age. That commitment to constant improvement and innovation has been baked into our culture and is core to our very being.

Learn More About IT & Cybersecurity

Is a lack of IT processes holding you back?

Most IT teams are great at “fighting fires,” but struggle with all the processes and proactivity it takes to effectively manage the rapid pace of technology change. Take our free IT Maturity Assessment and see where your business has opportunities for improvement.

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