James Todd

Chief Technology Officer
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Cyber AB Registered PRactitioner Badge Logo

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About me

As Digital Boardwalk’s CTO, James is all about the tech. His responsibilities include researching and vetting new technologies for us and our customers. He also works with customers to understand their goals and challenges and develop technology strategies to improve their workflow.

Growing up, James was fortunate enough to have technology in the house. James learned and practiced often and he developed a real passion for technology and the things one could accomplish with it. This expanded from home labs to helping family, friends and neighbors with their technology needs. James furthered is understanding at the University of South Florida, and shortly afterward started working at Digital Boardwalk with Tim and Brian. James uses his passion and understanding of technology to help our customers get the most out of theirs.

In his free time, James enjoys wondering around the city or the country to find interesting photography subjects. James also enjoys music and trying out new headphones and speakers to enjoy it with.